Wii-U Continues With Lack Luster Sales

According to figures released by Wedbrush analyst Micheal Patcher, the Wii-U continued to decline this past month. Selling an estimated 55,000 units, the Wii-U was outsold by it’s predecessor, the Wii, which sold an estimated 75,000 units.


It’s become painfully obvious the Wii-U is not the smash hit the Wii was. One wonders what will become of the Wii-U once the PS4 and new XBOX launch later this holiday. Where will it be two years from now?

It’s easy to see why the Wii-U isn’t selling. For one, the marketing for the system has had trouble distinguishing itself from the Wii’s. I currently work retail at Old Navy and during the last black Friday the store gave out copies of New Super Mario Bros U to the first 50 costumers. Almost all of the costumers I gave the game to thought it was a Wii title and almost all of my co-workers thought the Wii-U was just a controller ‘add-on’ for the Wii.

Granted, most of the costumers I helped were mothers with children and most of my fellow employees are not ‘core-gamers’ but if Nintendo wants to recreate what the Wii did, they need to better address this demographic. Nintendo has tried to address this with bizarre marketing campaigns like the flyer below.

Nintendo tries to convince wii owners to buy into wii-u

Nintendo tries to convince wii owners to buy into wii-u

The Wii-U is stuck in this weird middle ground. The marketing is confusing and doesn’t get across to the average consumer and the lack of core games for the system have pushed aside the more hardcore audience.

Looking at the release schedule, the only sign of light for the system is Pikmin 3 in August, and that is still just one game. The Wii-U can’t survive on just one new, first party game every 6 months. Nintendo will probably be announcing the next big Mario and Zelda games this E3 but will they be overshadowed by Sony and Microsoft? This year’s E3 will most likely be a mess of next generation buzz, I’m worried the Wii-U will be pushed aside or forgotten.

It’s not all bad news though, the 3DS sales have gone up steadily and the competition is down in sales as well, but Nintendo needs to pull off some serious magic at this year’s E3. The future of the Wii-U does indeed look bleak.

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