BEYOND: Two Souls Continues to Impress

A new trailer and 35 minutes of gameplay shine new light on Quantic Dream’s latest undertaking, BEYOND: Two Souls.


In case you haven’t been following the project, BEYOND is the new game under developer Quantic Dream. Quantic’s last game, Heavy Rain was a unique, yet electrifying blend of emotional story telling and cinematic gameplay that largely focused on dialogue decisions and quick time events.While the title received mixed reactions from critics and fans, we can all agree that Heavy Rain was worth experiencing. Heavy Rain’s main themes centered around family, psychological disorders, and how far people were willing to go to save the ones they loved. BEYOND definitely seems to be following in these footsteps.

In BEYOND, Jodie, a girl who is suffering from mental illness, must go through trials and tribulations trying to uncover the secret behind Aiden, a mysterious entity who has been with her since her childhood. From the looks of the newly released trailer and gameplay, Jodie appears to have almost “supernatural” like powers that allow her to manipulate objects and people in her surroundings, which is where the main gameplay comes in it seems.

But, much like Heavy Rain, BEYOND seems to be focusing on cinematic visuals with diaolgue options and quick time events. That is not an entirely bad thing though, from the looks of it, BEYOND seems to be expanding what the player controls and looks damn good while doing it. Sure, there appeared to be some frame rate issues when the game was first shown at E3 but, the hopefully those kinks will be ironed out before October, when the game ships.

BEYOND also features performance capture by Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, which definitely can’t hurt things. Sure, who knows if everything shown here will come together cohesively and Quantic’s previous works have definitely been flawed but, everything looks to be coming together. BEYOND: Two Souls is defiantly looking promising and with an October release date, it may be the last good game to play before retiring your PS3.

-Matthew Bruce

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