PAX Seattle Wrap Up and Thoughts

With PAX Prime officially behind us, it’s finally time to take a look at all the new content that debuted at the show. Like every PAX, a ton of new indie games were playable on the show floor, such as the crazy Lococyle and visually striking Catch 22. Along with all the new indie titles buzzing around, big hitters like Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeros and Final Fantasy 14 were also announced.

Catch 22, LocoCycle and The Cave got my attention the most in the indie scene at PAX. I feel the indie scene has been boiled down to retro-style platformers with cute art styles. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s always refreshing to see something completely new, such as LocoCycle.

LocoCyle comes from Twisted Pixel, the people behind Splosion Man and Comic Jumper. The premise behind LocoCycle is you play as Iris and Spike, two motorcycles that the ability to perform melee combat. It’s as crazy as it sounds. The title has a fun vibe to it, appearing to not take itself too seriously. While whether or not these crazy ideas are all going to come together in the end, the game has my attention and looks very interesting.

Perhaps the biggest announcement at this year’s PAX was the new Metal Gear Solid title from Kojima. From the looks of it, you play as Big Boss and it’s yet another prequel to the original title. Big Boss is sporting some grey hair so it’s strongly suggested the events in Ground Zeros take place after Peacewalker’s. It was also announced that this Metal Gear will be an open world, which isn’t too big of a departure from the previous games. I highly doubt you’ll be playing in an city with tons of side missions, you’ll probably move from environment to environment and be given the freedom to explore.

There’s no denying that all Metal Gear games are fantastic espionage, story driven epics but, do we really need another one? As much as I am a fanboy of Kojima, wouldn’t be interesting to see something different? Something other than Metal Gear. Ground Zeros will be the fourth prequel in the franchise and it’s starting to get difficult to justify them. Metal Gear Solid 3, Peacewalker and the up in coming Rising are all interesting prequels that fill large gaps in the overall story arch. What gap is Ground Zeros going to fill? Granted, very little of the game has been shown and we all know the game will probably be another fantastic entry but, I feel as if Kojima is beginning to run out of steam. He must be sitting on some other ideas that he wants to make, I hope that he takes a step away from Metal Gear in the near future. Something new would be refreshing.

-Matthew Bruce 2012

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