“The Last of Us” Announcement Thoughts and Predictions

Developer Naughty Dog has become a house hold name in the game industry. They received the first Gold Prize won by an american development team in Japan with their game “Crash Bandicoot” on the PSX. Naughty Dog has famous for creating innovative platformer games with their “Crash Bandicoot” and “Jak and Daxter” series. When the PS3 was released they took a serious turn with the release of “Uncharted : Drake’s Fortune.” The game was a more series, 3rd person action adventure game.  They have released 2 sequels to Uncharted that have both become block buster successes on the PS3 and “Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves” won game of year in 2009.

With the release of “Uncharted 3 : Drake’s Deception” this year with stellar sales and reviews, people, including myself, have began to wonder if Naughty Dog was gonna stick with the Uncharted formula for a fourth installment. Soon after Uncharted 3’s release, Naughty Dog announced the Jak and Daxter HD collection coming to the PS3 next year so many began getting ideas of a new Jak game coming to the PS3. naughty Dog soon answered everyone’s questions with the release of trailer for their new project. “The Last of Us”.

In the trailer we are shown a teenage girl running for dear life through, what looks like, a hotel. There are bloody bodies all around her. She runs into a room and joins a much older looking man. This man could be her father or older brother, we are not told this. They are then attacked by what looks like horribly disfigured human beings, or even mutants. After killing the enemies they run outside where we see a bleak future. Buildings are crumbling and moss grows everywhere. The world reminds me a bit of “Enslaved’s” world.  The trailer ends there.

So right away we can tell that this game is going to be about survival. The title “The Last of Us” may lead us to believe that these two people may be the last of man kind or close to the last of it. This type of world has been down many times in both games, movies and books but if anyone can pull it off well, its Naughty Dog.

This trailer didn’t really blow me away or anything. I am excited because I have enjoyed all of Naughty Dog’s titles but I am very curious for how the gameplay will be. I can only hope that it is different from Uncharted’s. In the trailer we are shown the man killing the mutants with a gun and this destroyed future with its crumbling buildings make a great back drop for a cover shooter. But I want something different from Naughty Dog. While I was playing through Uncharted 3 I had this attitude of “yeah this all great, but this has been done already.” It wasn’t as refreshing as Uncharted 2 to me. That being said, I’m not sure what kind of gameplay will be this new game. You may play as the girl or the guy and will you have to protect each other? The idea of this becoming a first person game does intrigue me because I feel like naughty dog may put some twists on the formula.

All of this said, there is just the announcement trailer and the game is far from being released so many things may change during that time frame but as of right now, I am excited to see what Naughty Dog does with this title and I hope for it to do something different and fresh.

-Matthew Bruce 2011

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