Uncharted 3 : Drake’s Deception Review

I have been a fan of the Uncharted series since the first game. Uncharted : Drake’s Fortune came out of no where for Playstation 3 owners back in 2007. The game received mixed reviews but was adored by many PS3 owners including me. Soon a sequel was announced and as more and more was revealed, the more hype was built. Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves was released in 2009 and was a blockbuster success. The game received top-notch reviews and won game of the year overall. We all wondered how Naughty Dog was going to try and top Uncharted 2’s success and now that Uncharted 3 : Drake’s Deception is out, did it surpass the all-mighty Uncharted 2 or is it more of the same?

Uncharted 3 succeeds in many areas and even expands on many ideas that were introduced in Uncharted 2 and even has some surprises but overall it feels a bit too familiar.  There is defiantly some great things here and some fantastic level design but it can’t help but feel a bit too much like Uncharted 2 again and ultimately doesn’t feel as refreshing.

The Story –

The story this time around is very good. Uncharted 3 follows another “stop the villains from unleashing an ancient evil” again but the story does take some twists and turns you won’t see coming. You get to learn more about Nathan’s and Sully’s past but the story is mainly there to drive you to the next block-buster set piece which works in this game. Again the cutscenes and voice-acting is done very well and characters feel real and believable, showing more emotional depth than most video games. I wish I could talk more about the story but I don’t want to spoil anything, just know that the story is a bit familiar but does its job and does it well.

Presentation –

Everyone was stunned when Uncharted 2 launched with its beautiful graphics and design and those aspects are back in full force in 3. Uncharted 3 is one of the best-looking games released on the PS3 to date and is down right breathtaking at times. The last chapters of the game in particular look stunning. The amount of detail Naughty Dog squeezed into this game is overwhelming. Uncharted 3 looks fantastic.

Gameplay –

The gameplay in Uncharted 3 is pretty similar to the last two installments in the series which is both good and bad. The bright side is that the game plays smoothly and works great as a cover shooter. On the not-so-bright side the game feels a tad too familar. Naughty Dog adds some new pawns to the board with the ability to throw back enemy gernades and an added emphasis on hand-to-hand combat this time around but you spend most of your time in cover and shooting your foes. While it may feel familar, its still a blast to play so you really can’t complain too much. On the other side of the gameplay, the plat forming and puzzles are back again in Uncharted 3. There are still some occasional bugs with Nathan grabbing a platform’s edge at times but the plat forming is smooth and quick with great animation. The puzzles feel great as well. There are around 4 or 5 major puzzles in Uncharted 3 that are pretty simple but will still make you stop and think for a moment. The puzzles and plat forming are sprinkled through-out the main 3rd-person shooter gameplay so you’re never doing too much of one thing at any time. Uncharted 3’s gameplay may be familiar but its still a blast.


Multiplayer was introduced in Uncharted 2. While it was very simple it was fun to play for a bit after you beat the main story. The multiplayer in Uncharted 3 got a serious makeover from the last game. The multiplayer is a full, fleshed-out experience this time around. With customizable characters, team death match, free for all, plunder, and c0-op and an extensive leveling-up system, Uncharted 3’s multiplayer rewards you for playing, even if you’re not the greatest, and encourages you to keep playing. I have played only a few hours of multiplayer after I beat the game but I see myself coming back to it soon because it’s rather addicting. The multiplayer in Uncharted 3 is refreshing and co-op is a blast with friends.


Uncharted 3 : Drake’s Deception is a fantastic, thrill ride with fast paced gameplay, compelling characters, block-buster set pieces and adicting multiplayer. The flaws are minor when looking at the full picture, while the game may feel familar to some its still a must buy for all action fans who own a Playstation 3.

Overall Score – 9.0

-Matthew Bruce 2011.

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